Take Two!

How amazing were Reception in their performance of ‘When you wish upon a star…fish!?

Thank you for joining us for the show; it was lovely to see so much support.

Reception think that they are such good singers they could be called…
‘One Reception!’

Another huge thank you for everyone at home who have helped the children learn their lines.

Now to get that song out of our heads…
Stay tuned for a video..if you want to hear it again! 


An emotional day…

…for Miss. Menzies

Reception spent the morning with their new class teacher Miss. Wheeler today.
They had a great time and i’m sure they will tell you all about it.

Reception children you have made me very proud of you, I have had lovely feedback from your new classroom adults already (especially about how good your writing is!)

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Combining Coins

We have now moved on to exploring combinations of coins that total amounts up to 20p. We have been using a number line to aid our calculations and using counters to represent the amount of pennies in a specific coin. e.g. a ten pence is worth ten pennies.

Miss. Menzies was very impressed with how quickly we grasped the concept.


No pictures allowed I’m afraid!
Reception have been writing their ‘My Achievements’ page to accompany their end of year reports. Children thought you might like to know what they have enjoyed learning about this year, what they are good at and what they might like to get better at as they soon venture into year one!


Money Money Money..

Today we have been recognising the value of one penny and to recognise the value of coins. We began exploring by looking at how many pennies a coin is worth. Did you know £1 is the same as having 100 pennies!

We have been paying for items using one coin, digging for coins and making amounts using pennies to buy bus tickets!


Sports Day!

The sun was shining and Reception Class were able to take part in their very first Sports Day!

The whole school results are as follows…
1st – Green Team
2nd – Yellow Team
3rd – Red Team
4th – Blue Team

A huge well done to Reception who were beautifully behaved as usual. Not forgetting a well done to those younger children and parents/carers who joined in the racing fun.

Thank you to everyone who came to support us, I think the ‘Wet Sponge’ race was an all round favourite for Reception children.

Estimating and Measuring

Today we built on our comparing and measuring knowledge from yesterday. Using different lengths of paper we first estimated how many cubes long we thought they were going to be and then measured them. We soon noticed that if we had first put the strips in order from shortest to longest the next piece of paper would measure more cubes long as the paper was longer! 

Measuring height

Today we were measuring the heights of things we found around our classroom using bricks. We have been comparing heights and using lovely language.

“Mrs. Stewardson is taller than Miss. Menzies and Mrs. Moore and Miss Menzies is shorter than both of them. Mrs. Moore is taller than Miss. Menzies though!” – Kyle


We continued our Under the sea artwork by adding to our colour wash..

After many suggestions and a look at some seaweed we decided the next thing we would like to add to our seascape was just that…Seaweed!

After discussing the characteristics of seaweed by looking at images we decided…
– it is all different types of colour green
– it is wiggly and wavy
– it grows from the bottom of the sea bed

We have used tissue paper to represent the seaweed. We think our artwork is beginning to look great!


Commotion in the Ocean artwork

We are going to be developing our own Under the sea landscape, building up on it using lots of different materials and the effects and techniques we have been working on this year.

We have began by making a colour wash for our background, we discussed how we can make colours lighter and darker as we noticed when looking at information books the sea its lots of different shades!